Swiftie Rope Installer

A unique but simple device that offers a fail-safe way of installing safety lines to all types of high level structures such as beams, cables, trusses and scaffolding which under normal conditions would be time consuming and dangerous.

The principle of the “Swiftie” has been proven over many years in the most rugged, freezing weather conditions especially offshore. Its simple design has been refined over this time to make it the most versatile trouble-free rope installer available as well as enabling a safer working environment.

Swifties can be used for mooring to a buoy, tree work, attaching lifelines, overhead cable work, passing ropes and cables over structures, ascending pylons and undersea salvage.

Its applications include:

  • Offshore rigs and salvage operations for safety and lifelines
  • “Hands-off” line attachment in hazardous situations with damaged or highly volatile structures both above and below sea
  • Attaching climbing or safety lines to unstable structures such as overhead cables and access ladders
  • Marine: making fast on mooring buoys or roving additional safety or security lines
  • Below sea salvage work
  • Tree surgery: safety or climbing lines
  • Plastic versions especially useful in “live” electrical installations (large plastic Swiftie in conjunction with and approved by Scottish Hydro Electric plc)


  • Swiftie 50 – 50 mm capacity – with or without telescopic pole extension
  • Swiftie 50 Plus – 50mm capacity with reinforced spring action – available with or without telescopic pole extension
  • Swiftie 100 – large 100 mm capacity manufactured from stainless steel for industrial use
  • Swiftie 125 – GRP 125 mm capacity, manufactured from glass reinforced plastic
  • Swiftie 160 – 160 mm capacity manufactured from stainless steel for industrial use
Part Material Max Structure Diameter Rope Size Support Pole Diameter Weight
mm ins mm mm ins grams
Swiftie 50 Plastic 50 2 10 25 1 120
Swiftie 50 Plus Plastic + S/S 50 2 10 25 1 130
Swiftie 100 S/S 100 4 12 28 1.2 860
Swiftie 125 Plastic + S/S 125 5 12 38 1.5 600
Swiftie 160 S/S 160 6.3 12 28 1.1 1060
Swiftie 50 with pole S/S, Ali Pole 50 2 10 Included 1 725
Swiftie 50 Plus with pole Plastic + S/S 50 2 10 Included 1 880

The Swiftie 50 and 125 plastic versions are manufactured from high grade plastics with special glass reinforced nylon cross-bars: designed for “live” electric environments. In “live” electric environments these products must be used in conjunction with other safety equipment and by qualified personnel.

Pole fitment

Installation poles can be fitted to all models in a direct line with the jaws. Plastic models can also accommodate right angle fixing to facilitate the engagement of a ring bolt, ladder rung or similar, with limited clearance behind it. The Swiftie 125 required a castellated fitting available separately.

Seaswift rope installer pdf