Swiftie 125 with castellated aluminium adaptor

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Originally designed for use with overhead cables, the Swiftie 125 is a strong, barely conductive device for attaching a safety line in a live situation. Lighter than the Swiftie 100, it is also more manageable when on a longer pole.

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For years the Swiftie has been used for ascending poles and securing safety lines. An approach from Scottish Hydro made us aware that there was a need for a larger aperture head which did not conduct electricity, making it perfect for securing safety lines to overhead power cables. The result was the Swiftie 125. Made of glass reinforced plastic (GRP), the Swiftie 125 is strong but much lighter than its steel mooring hook counterpart. It is now used by a variety of electrical utility companies around the UK and internationally.

The lightweight qualities make the Swiftie 125 ideal when using a longer pole to increase reach*, or when in use underwater and the increased aperture allows for attachment to larger objects. The Crossbar is reinforced by a spring to ensure the mechanism has a strong accurate locking.

The head itself comes with three multi-angle attachment points and can be mounted in various positions to facilitate engagement onto obscure or high up points such as roof mounted vertical poles and safety rails.

For larger items, the Swiftie 160 is recommended.


* If the object is a long way up – over six metres (20ft) and weather conditions are adverse, the weight of 10mm rope over this distance can be considerable, especially if the rope is allowed to get wet. The resulting force of the rope may counterbalance the spring and could result in malfunction. To overcome this we suggest using a fine 3mm leader cord tied seamlessly to the rope intended for use. Install the rope as normal and pull through the leader line until the correct rope is in place.

Additional information

Weight 0.810 kg
Dimensions 47 × 26 × 4 cm

Plastic + S/S

Max Structure Diameter

125mm (5")

Rope Size


Support Pole Diameter

38mm (1.5")

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