Company Profile

Established in 1996, Seaswift Products manufactures the Swiftie-Matic line of rope installers. The original Swiftie boat hook has been in production since the 70s and was sold by Anchor Marine. In 1996 the rights for the product were sold to Seaswift Products and production moved to our factory at Benfleet in the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves on being a UK based manufacturer and source as many parts as we can locally. Initially the Swiftie (known as the Happy Hooker in the USA) was available in either the standard high grade plastic “50” or the heavy duty stainless “100” variety. In the late 90s we developed for Scottish Hydro and Norweb a larger plastic variety for passing lines over live cables. Thereafter the “125” glass-reinforced Swiftie was designed and developed for this purpose. Combined with knowledge from our sister companies, we have been able to expand further our expertise in plastics and injection moulding. Since then we have also introduced revisions allowing us to compliment the range with the Swiftie 50 Plus and the Swiftie 160.

Seaswift Products has access to a variety of products and skill sets but has specific expertise in metal fabrication, welding, plastics and injection moulding.  The company has undertaken a wide and varied number of custom-made orders over the years, ranging from stainless steel waterfalls to fabrications for Norfloat International’s navigational marker buoys. We pride ourselves on flexibility and the ability to innovate to ensure our customer needs are met.

Additional information on each product can be found in the product section of this website. For any information on our custom services in metal fabrication or plastics please get in touch through the contact us page or email us at